Instructional Design and Technology M.S. (Online)

Dr. Kinuthia meets with a student

This online instructional design degree program is offered by the in the Learning Technologies Division faculty.

This degree program provides students with the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to perform as instructional technologists. An instructional technologist is a professional educator who can combine knowledge of the learning process, knowledge of instructional systems theory, and knowledge of various forms of media and learning environments to create the most effective and efficient learning experiences.

The program is designed for individuals interested in working in the field of instructional technology in a wide variety of education, training, and development areas such as those found in P-12 schools, business, and industry. To meet the individual needs and interests of the instructional technology students, the program provides a maximum amount of flexibility in course selection. In addition, ample opportunities are provided for applying the competencies learned in the classroom to job-related situations.

The applicant must aspire to or currently hold a position related to the application of instructional technology in an education or training environment. In addition, the applicant must possess basic computing technology skills.

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View the projected course schedule for the MS degree program. The schedule may be edited at the discretion of the administration.

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