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We offer undergraduate courses to allow individuals from specific areas of industry, information technology and other occupational fields to become teachers at middle and secondary schools based on occupational experience, industry licensing and assessments, and the minimum educational level required for the field. Applicants to this program have qualified for the Induction certificate in Georgia and are required to complete an approved program to convert to the Professional certificate. This Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) approved program leads to initial certification only.

Students seeking Career and Technical Specializations certification who do not hold an associate’s degree must pass the GACE Program Admission Assessment within three (3) years of program admission or prior to program completion, whichever occurs first. All students must take Georgia Educator Ethics – Program Entry (350) Assessment for program admission and pass the Georgia Educator Ethics – Program Exit (360) Assessment for program completion. Successful completion of the following courses qualifies a person for either a second Induction or Professional certificate, depending upon the current level of certification. Students are admitted through a special application process once a year in summer session; they may take these courses either as non-degree or degree-seeking students. Classes offered in fall and spring may be available in a synchronous online format.

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Undergraduate Certificate in Healthcare Science Education 

Undergraduate Certificate in Career and Technical Specializations 

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Dr. Janet Burns

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